Inspiration | 19th January 2024

Glencheck – The Seriously Stylish Plaid Pattern

With a rich history written by the royal and urban wearer alike, glencheck is a powerful storyteller in dressing. Lean into a closer study of the storied and seriously stylish twill-based pattern featured in our Pre-Spring Collection's Gytta R Trousers and Angie Wool Coat.

Glencheck is a classic plaid pattern characterized by small and large checks intricately interwoven with stripes. An underlying houndstooth motif subdues the alternating dark and light tones, creating an illusion of a square pattern when viewed from afar. Executing the pattern in design, draping, and tailoring requires expertise and craftsmanship.

Upon introduction, glencheck caught the interest of the Scottish, English, and Wales upper class, including Edward VIII, who eventually popularized the pattern during his time as Prince of Wales. The period birthed the Prince of Wales Check, an alteration of the plaid distinguished by an over-check detail, but also imparted an irrevocable association with exclusivity and class on the original glencheck design. A string of royal favor has since followed the plaid as its wearers have included the likes of King Charles III, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton.

Pairing multiple glencheck pieces together is a traditional, yet in modern-day, eye-catching approach to wearing the pattern. A white silk dress shirt balances the boldness of the pattern, while the introduction of playful jewelry and feminine pumps ups the look for special occasions.

Aava Silk ShirtAava Silk Shirt
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Loralie Pearl NecklaceLoralie Pearl Necklace
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Gytta Wool TrousersGytta Wool Trousers
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Combining glencheck with denim renders a casual yet classic look that echoes a 90s off-duty version of royal style. A white t-shirt or polo brightens the ensemble while maintaining its relaxed tone.

Northie Jeans
Angie Wool Coat
Polana Polo Knit
Northie JeansNorthie Jeans
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Angie Wool CoatAngie Wool Coat
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Polana Polo KnitPolana Polo Knit
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