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Wool Skirts

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Andiata - Pepita 55 Wool Skirt2Andiata - Pepita 55 Wool Skirt1
Pepita Wool Skirt REA-pris2 359 kr Oeko-Tex®
Vivian 55 KjolVivian 55 Kjol
Vivian Ull Kjol REA-pris3 188 kr
Kity 85 V KjolKity 85 V Kjol
Kity Skirt REA-pris4 136 kr
Vivian Ull KjolVivian Ull Kjol
Vivian Wool Skirt REA-pris3 188 kr
Kity 90 V KjolKity 90 V Kjol
Kity Kjol REA-pris4 136 kr

From sleek pencil skirt silhouettes to flowing A-line designs, our wool skirts are crafted with precision, ensuring a flawless fit and exceptional quality that stands the test of time.


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