Black Skirts


Black Skirts

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Fiia 85 KjolFiia 85 Kjol
Fiia Kjol REA-pris3 188 kr BCI Certified Cotton, Oeko-Tex®
Andiata - Pepita 60 Wool Skirt1Andiata - Pepita 60 Wool Skirt2
Pepita Ullkjol REA-pris2 359 kr RWS Certified Wool
Hellen 90 V KjolHellen 90 V Kjol
Hellen Skirt REA-pris3 544 kr
Gail 80 KjolGail 80 Kjol
Gail 80 Kjol REA-pris2 951 kr Bluesign®
Fibi 80 KjolFibi 80 Kjol
Fibi Skirt REA-pris3 544 kr
Wren KjolWren Kjol
Wren Kjol REA-pris5 914 kr
Vivian Ull KjolVivian Ull Kjol
Vivian Wool Skirt REA-pris3 188 kr
Kity 90 V KjolKity 90 V Kjol
Kity Kjol REA-pris4 136 kr

Embrace the power of versatility with the ultimate wardrobe staple – the black skirt. Pair the piece with a crisp white blouse for a polished office ensemble, or dress it down with a cozy sweater for a casual yet refined look. Opt for a-lined skirt or tulle skirt in special occasions. 


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