Inspiration | 18th January 2024

Andiata Collection Debuts at La Chambre Concept Store

We're thrilled to announce that a curated collection of Andiata pieces is now accessible at a second venue in Paris: La Chambre concept store. Being part of a space that has swiftly evolved into a hub for discovering sustainable and up-and-coming luxury labels is a privilege and source of delight for us. The partnership with La Chambre reflects a shared set of values, adding an extra layer of significance to our collaboration.

Tracing the Origins of La Chambre's Unique Identity

Today, La Chambre boasts a diverse range of brands spanning from elegant fine jewelry to trendy urban styles, including Pallas, The Ethiquette, vintage pieces from Bygone Days, and Hypso jewelry. Behind the selection lies a curating ethos, best understood by delving into the personal journey of its founders.

La Chambre's inception, while unconventional for a concept store but arguably typical for creative ventures, originated from a quest to find a shoe manufacturer. Sophie Engster and her partner Franck Le Franc sought to produce customizable and comfortable shoes but discovered a need for more skilled shoemakers in France. Determined to address this issue for themselves and on a broader scale, the couple found a solution: a retired shoemaker from Louboutin willing to train aspiring cobblers, provided Engster and Le Franc facilitated a workshop. However, the next challenge arose – where to market this traditional yet innovative product in the current market. Thus, La Chambre was born.

Shining a Light on Sustainable Style

Being the first to display, the customizable shoe brand Le Chamberlain by Engster and Le Franc laid a foundation of slow fashion as a focus point. In June 2020, Le Chambre included 20 brands manufactured in an eco-friendly manner in France. A name that took after artisans working in chambres fit the shoe for a concept store representing small and sustainable brands. From there, the store expanded its offerings to include brands from various countries, including Finland. 

Molding the Meaning of Modern Luxury

Most garments produced artisanally and sustainably are intrinsically luxurious. La Chambre further highlights the high-end aspect by creating an atmosphere of modern glamour and displaying each piece with care. Situated in the 1st arrondissement, the concept store brings sustainable fashion to a place it belongs alongside renowned luxury brands. A visit to this concept store is a delightful experience that instills confidence in the future of sustainable fashion.


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