Andiata Women | 3rd June 2021

Sissi from Helsinki

Sissi Ehrström, a pattern designer and artist from Helsinki, is our Andiata woman this month. Sissi associates water strongly as a part of her mindscape, as she spent her childhood summers by the seaside in Helsinki, by the lakes in Central Finland and by the turquoise water in Ibiza, where she occasionally travelled to visit her relatives. It is these picturesque places from her childhood that made her fall in love with nature and water in the first place, but where does she like to travel now when in need of an escape from the city? Find out Sissi’s best tips for a nature-inspired holiday in Finland, and discover her Andiata favorites for effortless summer ensembles.

Where To Eat in Helsinki

Delicious bread, buns and great coffee. When in the city, art exhibitions and coffee shops are the best Sissi knows. The best bread in Helsinki can be found in the bakeries of Levain, Way, St. George and Venetsia Ambience. For the best butter eye buns and cinnamon rolls Sissi recommends the first floor coffee shop at the Kivelä hospital.

Summer Vacation Spots by the Water

Sissi’s favorite summer vacation spots in Finland are located by the lakes of Lohtaja, Pyhäjärvi and Padva. For the perfect summer road trip in Southern Finland she recommends the scenic route from Tenhola to Bromarvi with a pit stop on the beach of Padva. A little more up north lies Ohtakari and Vattajaniemi: two beaches like no other. “Being completely alone at an endless beach that continues as far as the eye can see feels somehow breathtaking and sacred” Sissi says. After driving around the scenic route, the perfect way to end a hot summer evening is by getting a refreshing swim in the Lake of Pyhäjärvi.

“Being completely alone at an endless beach that continues as far as the eye can see feels somehow breathtaking and sacred”

Sissi & Andiata

Sissi admires the clarity and beautiful silhouettes of Andiata clothing. She finds linen as one of the greatest materials for suits, as the slightly wrinkled surface sublimely softens the otherwise sharp silhouette. Recently, Sissi has learnt to let go of all-black dressing, and has introduced a few colors to brighten up her wardrobe. As a blue blazer has always been one of her wardrobe classics, her Andiata favorites include the dark blue Shana linen blazer paired with the wide-legged Kamille S linen trousers. “The wide-legged style easily creates an effortless look”, she says. To Sissi, who loves the easiness of monochrome ensembles, the Andiata linen set is summer dressing at its finest. Beautiful beige color and effortlessly relaxed silhouette, who wouldn't love that?

Sissi Ehrström

City: Helsinki

Occupation: Pattern Designer & Artist

Instagram: @sissiehrstrom

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