Women In Andiata: Marianne From Stockholm

Women In Andiata: Marianne From Stockholm
Our Women in Andiata series present Marianne Holmberg, a fashion and interior stylist based in Stockholm. Early on, she knew she was set on a career path of creativity and fashion. She worked as a personal shopper at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm and started a stylist course there. While at NK, she pursued her dream of launching her own Personal Styling company Stilstudion. Stilstudion offers personal shopping, style courses and hosts fashion events. Marianne has found her calling and excels at it: “After a while I decided to only run my own business and to put all my focus on Stilstudion together with a friend and that is what I still do 6 years later.” Marianne lives in Stockholm and invites us to enjoy a day in the Capital city of Sweden.

What to do and see in Stockholm

Marianne recommends spending the day at the Naturhistoriska museet in Norra Djurgården or going on a day trip to Ellery beach house at Lidingö, which is just outside Stockholm. For a day of relaxation, Marianne suggests a spa-day with friends at the Grand Hotel. A perfect summertime activity is playing padel at NK Ascaro.

Marianne's Perfect Day in Stockholm

"I love being in nature and a perfect day starts with a powerwalk around beautiful Djurgården. I’ll have lunch with a friend at Le Östermalm and go shopping for a customer at Nordiska Kompaniet. I love Padel and like to spend the afternoon at the padelcourt at Ascaro. Later I head home and play with my 3-year-old son and get ready for drinks and dinner with my fiancé Marcus and our friends. I love exploring new restaurants and there are always new places to try out in Stockholm."

Where to Eat in Stockholm

Marianne dines out often and some of her favorite places include Brasserie Astoria, that is located in an old movie theatre close to Östermalmstorg and Riche on Birger Jarlsgatan in central Stockholm as “they have the best Swedish Meatballs”. For Chinese food she recommends Surfers on Norrlandsgatan with a fun interior – a ceiling filled with colorful umbrellas.

Where to drink in Stockholm

Marianne loves TAK on Brunkebergstorg for drinks. Not only do they offer excellent drinks, but they come with a gorgeous view of Stockholm as well. Bank Hotel’s bar also has a wonderful drink selection. End your spa day at Grand Hotel with drinks and nibbles at Cadierbaren.


Birger Jarlsgatan 4

114 34 Stockholm

Cadierbaren at Grand Hotel

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8

111 48 Stockholm

Brasserie Astoria

Östermalmstorg 15

114 39 Stockholm

"Andiata for me stands for timeless pieces, quality, design and a classic yet modern look. It’s a bonus that it is a Scandinavian based family company with strong women."

Marianne, Fashion & Andiata

Marianne describes fashion as a “way to show my personality and to express myself without words. Fashion is about being creative and it gives me new inspiration and a LOT of happiness!” Marianne fashion tip is to invest in a feminine fitted suit, a key outfit in any wardrobe. Marianne found Andiata featured in a magazine and later through word-of-mouth from a friend and has been a fan ever since. For Marianne, Andiata “stands for timeless pieces, quality, design and a classic yet modern look” Her favorite piece from the collection is the luxurious wool-cashmere loungewear set, as she puts it “I could live in Helaine polo and Terra pants forever”.

Who: Marianne Holmberg

City: Stockholm / Eskilstuna

Work: fashion and interior stylist, personal shopper

Instagram: @marianne__holmberg and @_stilstudion_

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