Andiata Women | 13th July 2021

Carolyn From Luxembourg

Carolyn Gobran Stålhandske, the founder and CEO of VITRIN Concept Store in Luxembourg, is our Andiata woman of the month. Although raised in Sweden, she was born in Luxembourg where she decided to return in 2003 after finding a gap in the country's fashion market. Read more about Carolyn's journey to an independent fashion retailer and discover her go-to Andiata summer look.

Career Inspired by Scandinavian Lifestyle

Ever since Carolyn was a little girl, she had a passion for fashion with a dream to open her very own store one day. After finishing her Master's Degree in Business in 2003, she opened her first store called Extrabold. "I have built my fashion retail career around the Scandinavian lifestyle, as it has been my source of inspiration", Carolyn says.

Two years after the first store opening, she founded Honey/Mustard, followed by the VITRIN Concept Store in 2018 and Filippa K Luxembourg flagship store in 2020. Carolyn likes to give a lot of thought to every detail of her stores and service, as she aims to create a shopping experience to her customers that is both inspiring and joyful.

A Perfect Day in Luxembourg

Carolyn finds Luxembourg as a very cozy and idyllic little country. For her, a great day in Luxembourg means spending time at the Café & Bar of VITRIN Concept Store and then heading out to a restaurant owned by her friends.

“The fact that Andiata is a family business with a beautiful story is something that I admire and respect greatly.”

Carolyn, Fashion & Andiata

When it comes to fashion and clothing, Carolyn emphasizes comfort and sustainability. In her opinion, it is not enough that the production process is sustainable – both the design and quality need to be long-lasting as well. For this reason, she admires Andiata clothing: the effortlessly elegant designs along with the superior quality and production align with the retailer's values. "The fact that Andiata is a family business with a beautiful story is something that I admire and respect greatly", Carolyn says.

Andiata Favorites

As Carolyn is expecting twins at the moment, she loves to wear clothing from Andiata as she finds the designs to be comfortable yet effortless and flattering. Consequently, she has gathered many favorites from the Spring/Summer 21 collection that she wears on a regular basis. Although she doesn't wear prints often, the Bernice top and Tosha 90 wrap skirt in their beautiful blue flower print have become her go-to summer look. According to her, the adorable print, designs that enhance her silhouette and the flowy 100% viscose fabric together create a perfect summer outfit.

Carolyn Gobran Stålhandske

City: Luxembourg

Occupation: Fashion Retailer

Instagram: @carolyn.gobran,

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