Our Best Tips for Gotland

Our Best Tips for Gotland

A unique island located in the southwest of Sweden, Gotland has it all – natural scenery, remarkable history and unique local flavors. It is no wonder why those who have set their foot on Gotland's soil would agree that there is something magical about the place. But what to see and where to eat when visiting? Discover our best tips for Gotland, and get inspired by the beauty of the Sweden's largest island.


Visby, the capital of Gotland also known as the City of Roses, takes one back in time with its medieval look and unique atmosphere. Walking around the ancient streets, learning about the town's history, visiting small shops and trying the local restaurants is all that is needed for a perfect time in Visby.

Stenhuse Gård

For a chance to pick your own strawberries and visiting a cute farm, Stenhuse Gård is the place to be.

Rute Stenungsbageri

When it comes to food, Rute Stone Oven Bakery & Cafe has it all: delicious breakfasts, tasty cakes and buns for "fika" and freshly-baked pizzas for dinner. Baked in the 18-ton wood-fired stone oven, the sourdough bread, buns and pizzas are a must-try when visiting the bakery.


'Saffranspannkaka', a saffron pancake served traditionally with berry jam and whipped cream, is a dessert not-to-miss when in Gotland.


A little ferry ride away from the mainland of Gotland lies Fårö, an island of Langhammar's sea stack field. The several sea stacks surrounded by the cobblestone beach are a must-see, along with the Sudersand beach. As one of the Gotland's most beautiful beaches, Sudersand with its half mile long beach, white fine-grained sand and shallow water is all the sun-worshipers' paradise.


Live music, art, swimming, good food and even better drinks – welcome to Bungenäs. Surrounded by limestone quarries, the nature reserve is also the perfect place for just strolling around and watching the sunset by the Baltic Sea.

Blå Lagunen

The Blue Lagoon is a limestone quarry in the northern part of Gotland. The breathtakingly turquoise water invites one to take a swim, and creates a feeling of being in a different country.

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